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I am a Brazilian/Swedish visual artist based in London.

My multicultural background and extensive travels have significantly influenced my work. Growing up in Brazil, where light is warm, intense and shadows are harsh and; having lived in Sweden and the UK, where light is softer and shadows more subtle, had a notable impact on the way I see photography. 


For me, photography is not just a tool to frame the world around us. It also is a medium that gives shape to abstract concepts such as dreams, the unconscious mind and the idea of belonging. Landscapes, natural geometry and textures are usually the starting point for me to shed light on ideas, and create my world visually.

After graduating from Business school, in São Paulo, Brazil, I realised that photography was more than just a hobby and decided to change my career path. I then moved to London, where I graduated from the London College of Communication, with a Postgraduate Diploma in Photography. Since my graduation, I have been working on personal projects featured in international magazines. My work has been exhibited in Brazil, the USA, and Europe.

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